Team Marathon Kids

An Adult Social Run Club for a Cause


Are you a runner? Are you a runner who cares about helping others find their own love of running?

If so then we’ve got space for you on our roster.

Join us in helping the next generation lead healthier, more active lives.


What exactly is it?

Team Marathon Kids is just a way to connect the activity we love to an issue we care about. We meet for group runs, we brainstorm ideas to create more impact, and we have fun in the process. We’re a social run club committed to a cause. You can participate as much or as little as you like.

What’s important is that you’ve decided to run it forward by joining –– it gives a child the chance to live healthier.


Why join?

So many kids today are disadvantaged when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. They don’t have it modeled for them at home and it’s not prioritized for them at school.

Research shows that if a child doesn’t have a positive experience with physical activity by age 10 they’re 6X more likely to be inactive as an adult!

We want to bring together our collective power to change that. As a member your dues support the core mission and your time, energy, and brain power can help us solve some big problems for kids in Austin and beyond. We want you running with us –– and for the kids who need it most!


How to join the fun.

  1. Fill out the application.
  2. Pay your $26.20 fee.
  3. Lookout for your official welcome email!


What are the perks and incentives?

You’ll be connected with a community of likeminded runners, get MK gear, receive race discounts, have a chance to volunteer with local run clubs, and more.

All Team Marathon Kids athletes will receive:

  • Training tips and motivation from a Marathon Kids coach that will get you to the finish line
  • Personal CrowdRise page to help you reach your fundraising goals
  • Exclusive Team Marathon Kids race day gear