Marathon Kids is honoring coaches past and present
who are making a difference.

Coaches have a huge impact on their athletes and at Marathon Kids they are the cornerstone of our program. We want to hear what being a coach means to you and how a coach influenced you. Share your story with us so we can help inspire the next generation of coaches!

Coach Isaac Zertuche from Yarbrough Elementary School credits his football coach for teaching him how to push through challenges and work hard. Coach Zertuche uses the same lessons with his kids by "helping them find that thing that motivates" them and showing them that they can "accomplish anything they put their minds to."

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Coach Julianne Spelman from Baldwin Elementary, says her PE and Soccer Coach was her reason for becoming a coach herself. "She was always cheering us on. She cared about each and every one of us. She was always going the extra mile for us. I make it a point to let all of my students know how much I care for them. I know how good that made me feel knowing my coach cared for me, so I want my students to feel that too."

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This is the impact of a coach. Coaches motivate. They encourage you to do your best.
They want you to succeed. They care about you.

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