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Make a Game Plan Let's begin by getting familiar with our evidence-based pillars.

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Goal Setting

Kids develop a growth mindset setting big and small goals alike.

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Social Support

Moving together is more enjoyable when you feel the support of others.

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Logging miles and measuring progress keeps kids motivated.

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Big cheers and high-fives go a long way to foster long-term behavior adoption.

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Modeling the Way

Role models inspire kids to build new, healthy habits in their lives.

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Consistent, positive recognition fuels kids to keep striving for the next milestone.

How will you implement our program to meet your needs?


As a Run Club

Before/after school or community-based organization

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In the Classroom or During PE Class

PE class and active time during homeroom

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Throughout the School Day

Before/after school, PE class, recess, and/or virtually

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Parents log miles from home

How will you add your participants? 

You will need to group participants by class. Sorting participants helps provide friendly competition and view data.

Then determine how you will add participants. We offer three ways:

Add in Bulk

Download our template to add a large number of participants.

Manual Entry

This is great for adding a new and smaller number of participants.


Use our customizable online registration form to recruit participants.


What types of physical activity will you count towards mileage?


Whether your participants are completing laps or minutes of heart-pumping activity it all counts towards mileage.

  • Tracks: Be sure to calculate the distance of one lap around your track, field, or wherever your participants will run.
  • Activities: We count 20 minutes of heart-pumping activity as one mile.

We have three ways to capture physical activity effort:

  • Manually add miles and minutes.
  • Use the scanner app to scan the participants' personalized QR codes for completed laps.
  • Parents can submit miles from home (optional feature)


Who needs a personalized ID card?

To track individual physical activity efforts, all participants will have a personalized ID Card.

The Marathon Kids Connect app enables you to scan for completed laps and minutes of physical activity.

Once you add participants, the ID Cards are automatically generated.

With a click of a button, you can print the 3"x4" ID cards.

Who will help you manage your program?


You can invite an unlimited number of supporters.

Co-workers, staff, and volunteers can have access to the digital platform and the mobile scanning app.

Supporters can:

  • Manage Data
  • Pull Reports
  • "Start Live Session" on the scanning app
  • Join a Session
  • And More!

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Getting started checklist

Step 1: Create an Account

Step 2: Season Setup

Do: Name Season and Set Start/End Date

Do: Add Classes and Participants

Watch: Add Classes

Watch: Add Participants

Step 3: Customize Your Program

Step 4: Download the Scanning App

Do: Install the Marathon Kids Connect app to your device(s)

Watch: Using the Scanning App

Get Running Today

Are you a parent? Click here to learn more

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