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Here is a guide to help you prepare and register for your Marathon Kids program.

Here are a few things to consider before
registering for your Marathon Kids program.

Club Basics

• Know the start and end dates of your season.

• Estimate the number of participants.

• During your season on average how many marathons do you think each runner will finish?

Tracking Mileage

• Calculate the distance of one lap around your track, field, or wherever your club will run.

• Heart-pumping physical activity also counts for mileage. Every five minutes equals a quarter of a mile.

Your Runners + Supporters

• Create a list of all participants.

• Identify who will help during your season. These supporters can be invited to join your run club at registration.

Registration Steps

Step 1: Create an Account

• Visit app.marathonkids.org.

• Click the green Sign Up button.

• Select the Coach profile.

After you fill out the form, check your email to activate your account.

Step 2: Start a Club

Add Tracks and Activities

Tracks - Set the distance of one lap around your track.

Activities - Keep or edit the two activities provided for you.

Click here to watch an instructional video on Adding Tracks and Activities.

Add your Runners

There are three ways to add runners.

Upload your roster - This option is best for a large number of participants.

  • Download our template to add runner and parent information.
  • For detailed written instructions, click here.

Enter manually - This is great for smaller clubs that already know who their runners will be.

  • Create classes (teacher first and last name).
  • Enter each runner’s information.
  • For an instructional video, click here.

Recruit your runners online - Share a personalized recruitment page with the details of your club so that parents can register their runners.

  • For detailed written instructions, click here.

Add your Supporters

Supporter - someone you invite to access the platform and the scanner app.

You can invite as many volunteers as you’d like to help manage your club. An automatic email is sent to create an account.

  • For an instructional video, click here.

Step 3: Print ID Cards

• Runner ID Cards are automatically generated once you add runners.

• Every participant will have their own personal QR code for you to scan and track their effort.

For an instructional video, click here.

Step 4: Download the Scanning App

The app can be found in all app stores. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. 

• Be sure to set your device to automatically update to always have the most updated version of the app.

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