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Together, Let's get kids active

We want to help you identify the right game plan for setting up your club. Let's get started!

Review the questions below to help you plan for your Marathon Kids Program.

How will you implement our program to meet your needs?

You can implement Marathon Kids in more ways than one to manage multiple programs simultaneously.

As a Run Club

Get kids moving before or after school

During PE Class

Integrates with Physical Education curriculum


Easily record laps for your next school event

As a Brain Booster

Active time in the classroom


Opportunity to capture extra laps.

What types of physical activity will you count towards mileage?


Whether your participants complete laps or minutes of heart-pumping activity, it all counts towards mileage.

Walking and Running

  • You will be asked to set your lap distance.
  • To capture effort, laps can be manually added or recorded by using the scanner app.

FUN FACT: If you have multiple programs, you can add more than one track for each specific program to run reports to view the data (i.e. PE track, run club track).

Heart-Pumping Activity 

  • We count 20 minutes of heart-pumping activity as one mile.
      • You will see two auto-populated activities for 10 minutes and 20 minutes. You can adjust or add more. 
  • Heart-pumping activities could be warmups, exercises, games, sports, etc.
  • To capture effort, minutes can be manually added or recorded by using the scanner app.

Do you know who will participate? 


  • A program with 0-75 participants, we suggest utilizing the Manual Entry feature.

This is great for adding a new and smaller number of participants.

  • A program with 75 or more participants, we suggest utilizing the Add in Bulk feature.

Download the template to add a large number of participants.


You will need to use the Recruitment feature. It will generate an online registration form to recruit participants.


Who will help you manage your program?


You can invite supporters to help manage and support your program like co-workers and volunteers.

You can give different permissions to supporters to access the digital platform and the mobile scanning app.

Supporters can:

  • Manage Data
  • Pull Reports
  • "Start Live Session" on the scanning app
  • Join a Session
  • And More!

How are you planning to organize the ID cards?

All participants will have an auto-generated personal ID Card (QR code) to track individual efforts.

Be sure to download Marathon Kids Connect App to be able to scan for completed laps and active minutes.

You print the 4"x3" ID cards from your account.

Check out some helpful tips for organizing ID cards!

create your club

Here is a checklist with links to help articles that are full of advice and information to support you.

You're ready to get started

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If you have any questions about the platform, please visit our Help Center or email support@marathonkids.org.

We're here to help you!