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Children’s health and safety are our top priority at Marathon Kids, and we’re committed to helping kids enjoy a safe and fun season. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and continued uncertainty about how schooling will function in the upcoming school year, we’re making sure our coaches have the best resources and tools for keeping kids safe while hosting a fun and memorable Marathon Kids season.


Whether running at school or at home, kids can stay safe while they continue moving their bodies with safe, socially distant runs that prioritize everyone’s health and wellbeing. Marathon Kids Connect, our free digital lap-tracking app and reporting platform, makes it easy to practice safe distancing while tracking physical activity and celebrating achievements.

With Marathon Kids Connect, coaches can implement touch-free distance-scanning of runners’ ID cards, or choose to avoid scanning ID cards altogether and use the platform’s manual entry feature instead. Parents can connect to the platform so they can track their kids’ progress off-campus, message coaches, and celebrate their children’s milestones. The platform also bridges the gap between school and home during periods of distance learning, so runners can continue building their running skills and working toward mileage goals from home when necessary.


➜ Kids, teachers, coaches, and volunteers should wash or sanitize their hands before and after every run club session.

➜ Teachers, coaches, and volunteers should wear facemasks or other coverings during sessions, if required or recommended by the school or by local or state law.

➜ Kids should not wear face coverings while running. If face masks are required, we suggest that students walk instead.

➜ When running or walking in a group, kids should be reminded to keep a safe distance from each other, staying at least six feet apart.

➜ Coaches can prop up their phones or tablets, rather than holding them, so runners can scan their cards as they jog past.

➜ Avoid tools and activities that require physical contact, such as high-fives and spirit tunnels, or using popsicle sticks or paper and pens to track laps.

➜ Sanitize runner ID cards after every session, so they are clean and ready for the next run club meeting!

[Marathon Kids Virtual Training—Practicing Effective Social Distancing Physical Education]


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