Registering for Marathon Kids Connect is quick and easy!

1. Read our Quick Start Guide to think through the logistics of your club.
2. Visit to create a free account.
3. Register as a COACH.
4. Enter details when you learn more about your runners.
5. Print ID cards and get kids running!

*Note: At this time, Marathon Kids Connect is only available to institutions in the United States.*

If you need additional support, please email

If you are having difficulty creating a new account, consider these troubleshooting tips:

1. When creating a new account at, select the COACH profile.
2. Make sure your password is only numbers and letters. No special characters.

*Note: If you are a returning coach, you will need to set up a new account with a new password.*

If you need additional support, please email

Check out these pages with FAQs specific to Marathon Kids Connect:

Coach FAQs

Parent FAQs

If you need additional support, please email

We take our mission seriously. Research shows that when kids participate in Marathon Kids, they have a much better chance of getting enough daily physical activity. That’s good news for their bodies and their minds. Active kids do better in every way. They are happier, healthier, and more likely to succeed in school and in life.

We get kids moving. Since 1995, Marathon Kids has been sparking healthy, long-lasting change in schools, out-of-school time programs, camps, and community organizations. Through fun, easy to implement run clubs, Marathon Kids coaches build community through physical activity, one lap at a time.

We have fun. Marathon Kids love running because it’s exciting. Running means speed and freedom, healthy competition, and accomplishment. Our program teaches kids the joy in setting goals and going the distance.

Our program is free and includes free access to our digital lap tracking app and reporting platform. Coaches can track an unlimited number of runners, increasing minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) while motivating kids to achieve their personal best. 

Our program is customizable and requires little-to-no equipment. 

Our program has been proven effective through evidence-based research.

Through running, we show kids they can achieve more than they ever thought possible!

Here’s how it works:

1. A coach registers for our free program, sets the length of their run club season, and invites runners to join.

2. Each runner sets short- and long-term personal distance goals, which will help them develop self-reliance and grit over the course of the season. Goals are measured in marathons (26.2 miles) and are achieved by running one lap at a time, one day at a time.

3. Marathon Kids coaches celebrate their runners' efforts and accomplishments, encouraging them every step of the way. Before runners know it, they will have conquered a marathon and be ready to start the next!

Most Marathon Kids set the goal of running 104.8 miles—the distance of four marathons—over the course of their run club season. By running a few times a week, they can get there! The average child can walk or run at least one mile in 20 minutes.

Our program:

> Offers flexibility for coaches to create their own timeline.
> Allows participants to set their own distance goals.
> Helps kids to reach the recommended 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) each day.

Marathon Kids provides a free digital lap tracking app and reporting platform to all registered clubs!

Here’s how it works:
> Each runner is assigned an ID card with a unique QR code.
> Phones and/or iPads become scanners with the app. No WiFi required.
> Coach sets the distance for tracks and the mileage equivalent for physical activity.
> Coach and club supporters start scanning laps.
> Data uploads automatically to coach, parent, and runner dashboards.
> Coaches can run reports, share leaderboards, and print reward certificates!

There’s no subscription fee and coaches can add an unlimited number of runners and supporters to their account.

Kids of all fitness levels and ages, from pre-K through 12th grade, are welcome to participate in Marathon Kids. (Parents, volunteers, and teachers love to track their miles, too!) Run clubs vary in size from small groups to entire schools.

Are you interested in starting a Marathon Kids run club? Every Marathon Kids run club starts with one dedicated individual who decides to make a difference in their community and wants to get kids more physically active!

Any adult interested in motivating kids to run or walk one lap at a time, one day at a time, to reach personal distance goals can start a Marathon Kids run club.

As a coach, you’ll provide the time, place, and structure for a run club, supporting kids as they build endurance, grow in self-confidence, and experience the social benefits of being active together.

A coach can be anyone with a passion for igniting the joy of physical activity and inspiring kids to move more to achieve more. It can be a teacher, parent, volunteer, or after-school program employee. It can be you!

Every Marathon Kids run club is unique because our program is fully customizable. Some clubs are small groups that run together recreationally, while others are full-school implementations. Each coach sets their own parameters, from club size to season length to the age of participants.

To get your school started with Marathon Kids, it’s as easy as creating a free account!

Coaches in school settings may choose to track miles throughout each school day (before, during, and after school), or only at certain times or days. With our free digital lap tracking app, coaches can enlist an unlimited number of supporters to help with scanning miles.

Marathon Kids run clubs are completely scalable. Schools may implement:

> Before or After-School Club - Any size or age of participants, running or walking anywhere from one to five days a week, with the logistics set by the coach. 
> Full-School Marathon Kids Club - Teachers encourage kids to log miles during PE class, classroom brain breaks, and recess.  
> Ultra Marathon Kids Club - Get the whole school on board with creating a culture of health! Offer opportunities for teachers and students alike to run or walk during class and recess, before and after school, and even at home with parents.

Marathon Kids run clubs can be started at any time! The coach decides the dates and duration of the run club season.

Interested in becoming a coach? Read our Quick Start Guide, then set up a free account to gain access to our free digital lap tracking and resources!

Marathon Kids is free. There are no subscription fees or membership costs, regardless of how many runners participate!

Check out our free resources for parents and our free resources for teachers and coaches!

After creating a free Marathon Kids account, you’ll gain access to more free resources, as well as access to our free digital lap tracking app and platform.

Yes! We have low-cost incentives available in our brand new eStore. You can access the store through your Marathon Kids Connect account.

If your child is participating in Marathon Kids at school or in the community, the coach can grant permission for them to track miles completed at home. Contact the coach and ask to be connected to your child’s account, or email for support.

If your child is not currently in a run club, check out our free resources for families, including Walk and Talk. This simple program provides parents with 26 conversation topics—one for each mile of a marathon—and sample questions for each. Each day, walk a mile with your child and get to know them a little better at the same time!

The coach of your child’s Marathon Kids club can connect you to your parent dashboard. Share your email with the coach and watch for an email asking you to set a password and granting you access. If you need further assistance, email

Typically, Marathon Kids run clubs are open only to the students of a participating school or community organization, which means members of the public cannot register. If you’d like to get your child involved in Marathon Kids, first check with their PE teacher to see if the program exists at their school. If not, encourage them to sign up—it’s free!

No grant is necessary! As of June 2020, Marathon Kids offers free programming with free digital lap tracking. Everything you need to get kids moving is included.

If you’re interested in purchasing low-cost incentives for your run club, check out our eStore. You can access the store through your free Marathon Kids Connect account.

Yes. Marathon Kids provides free programming for adults interested in starting a run club at their school, out-of-school time program, camp, or community organization. Generally, these adults are paid employees of their various organizations, but sometimes coaches are dedicated volunteers or parents.