Simply put, we’re the best. Our staff has dedicated their careers to achieving our mission: improving the health of children by providing them with the tools, motivation, and support to live happier, healthier lives. Since 1995, Marathon Kids has thoughtfully worked with schools, out-of-school time organizations, camps and families to implement our fun, simple and effective running clubs. Among the many things that set us apart, here are three you should know about:

  • Our programs have been proven effective
  • Our program is customizable
  • Our participant rewards are the best in the business

During the running club Kickoff Ceremony, each runner sets a goal of completing the distance of four marathons (104.8 miles), incrementally, over the duration of the running club season. Each time the club meets participants run or walk during an allotted period of time. After each session, runners track their distance on a Marathon Kids Mileage Log. Once runners accumulate the distance of one marathon (26.2 miles) they are rewarded for their physical activity accomplishment. Rewards are also earned by runners accumulating the distance of two, three and four marathons. During the running club Finisher Celebration, all participants are recognized with a certificate for their accomplishments.

Through our research around youth running and moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, we have set an achievable goal of 104.8 miles, incrementally, based on the reality that nearly every kid should be able to complete at least one mile within 20 minutes. As they continue to run over the course of the season, their mile time will improve. We suggest having at least 60 sessions over the course of your running club season in order for the majority of your participants to reach 104.8 miles.

Kids in pre-K through 12th grade of all fitness levels are welcome to join.

A coach is the leader of a Marathon Kids running club. Our coaches are passionate individuals who want to make a difference, and get kids more physically active. A coach can be a teacher, a parent, a program director, or anyone motivated to create change in their community. Find out more about becoming a Marathon Kids running club coach HERE.

Marathon Kids running clubs can be started any time. Read the Quick Start Guide, then visit our Register Your Club page to get your running club started.

The cost to register your Marathon Kids running club is only $15 per participant. The cost is the same no matter how many miles each participant completes.

Registering a Marathon Kids running club takes place online. Read the Quick Start Guide, then visit our Register Your Club page to register your running club.

Printable running club resources are available here, and you will have access to additional resources in our online Coach's Club, after registering your club.

The three ways coaches most often fund their Marathon Kids running club are:

  1. Collect the minimal fee of $15 for the entire season from each runner. Many studies show that the most successful groups are those that the members have been asked to buy-in to the overall goal, versus being given something for free. Once you get your club going, you can use a simple fundraiser throughout the year that focuses on the success of your run club and raises money for the following year’s run club.
  2. Apply for a Marathon Kids grant from a third party. Each year, thanks to our generous partners and sponsors, Marathon Kids is able to offer a limited number of grants. Many third parties give grants for things like starting a Marathon Kids running club, including Let’s Move! Active Schools, Fuel Up to Play 60, and Action for Healthy Kids.
  3. Look for a sponsor. Use the tools and resources in the Fundraising Guide to ask someone in your community to sponsor your running club.

Yes, you can! Marathon Kids has taken our proven effective running club model from the schoolyard to the backyard. You become the coach, and your family becomes a team. Learn more about bringing Marathon Kids to your home HERE.

As your season comes to an end you can submit your Finisher Data Survey and order your 4th rewards by logging in to the Coach’s Club and clicking on the “Complete Finisher Survey” link in the center of your screen. Follow the simple steps to complete the survey and order your 4th rewards for those runners that met their goal of 104.8 miles.