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Marathon Kids

Dedicated coaches who passionately share the program with others in their community, district, state, and beyond.

Join the Marathon Kids Advocate Team!

Marathon Kids is on a mission to reach 1 million kids by 2028, and we need your help! In order to achieve this goal, we must grow the number of programs nationwide...

And that means we need more COACHES!

Marathon Kids Advocates will play a pivotal role in spreading the word about our program so we're seeking dedicated coaches passionate about promoting the benefits of Marathon Kids within their community, district, state, and beyond.

By joining our community-building initiative, you'll inspire others to motivate kids to lead healthier, more active lifestyles and contribute to our goal of empowering youth through running nationwide.

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Why Become a Marathon Kids Advocate?

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  • Earn a $250 stipend for your time and commitment
  • Get equipped with new Brooks shoes and a Coach shirt
  • Access sneak peaks of new program features
  • Include “Marathon Kids Advocate” in your email signature to showcase your role
  • Receive a ready-to-go presentation to share along with handouts and stickers
  • Extend your impact by becoming an integral part of the Marathon Kids team in your community

Requirements of a Marathon Kids Advocate

Eligibility for a Marathon Kids Advocate includes maintaining an active Marathon Kids Club between June 1 and May 31, alongside a minimum one-year commitment to being an Advocate.

A Marathon Kids Advocate will be asked to:

  • Secure promotional time to speak and share Marathon Kids with like-minded co-workers, potential Marathon Kids coaches, passionate people who care about kid's health, etc.
    • For example, share with larger audiences during Professional Development, District In-Service, Conferences, Training, etc.
  • Speak passionately about Marathon Kids and the positive impact you've personally seen with your club.
  • Complete a Post-Presentation Form to provide feedback and proof to Marathon Kids.

And that's it!

By dedicating a small amount of your time as a Marathon Kids Advocate, you can spark significant change, inspiring countless young lives to choose a healthier future. Plus, you’ll enjoy some great perks as a token of our appreciation!



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