How to Enroll Your Child

Your school has decided to start a Marathon Kids program to challenge students to get moving and track physical activity minutes and effort.  This is great news for your child and family.  Kids need 60 minutes of heart-pumping activity a day!  

By joining the club you can view your child’s progress and submit miles to the coach through the Marathon Kids Connect digital platform. Submit the distance of your walk or jog, or any type of heart-pumping activity (20 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity equals a mile). 


Step 1:  Click the link your coach has provided! Fill out the form to enroll your child and click “enroll your child”. This notifies the coach you’ve submitted your registration. 

If you have multiple kids to enroll.  Fill out the form for each child. But you only have to create your parent account once! Once the coach approves the enrollment, all kids you’ve signed up will appear on the left-hand side of your account.


Step 2:  Check your email! “Your application has been received.”  

Please click the blue REGISTER button to create your parent account so you can submit miles and minutes of heart-pumping activity to the coach and check your child’s progress.

Step 3: Check your email.  Click the ACTIVATE button to verify your email.  


Step 4:  Log into your account.  Right now an approval is waiting.  Once the coach approves the registration you have access to submit miles to the coach from this account and watch your child’s miles add up on your parent dashboard. 


How to submit miles to the coach: 

Log into your parent account and scroll down. Click the box “Log your miles” Enter the date and miles completed then “Send to coach for approval”.  

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