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In 25 years, Marathon Kids empowered
2.5 million kids to be active.

With your help, we aim to transform the lives of 2.5 million more by 2030. 

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Marathon Kids is an evidence-based physical activity program that uses the power of technology and research-proven methods to help kids find their inner athlete. The goal is to increase daily physical activity and show kids that being active every day improves their entire well-being.

Running with Marathon Kids means an all-new distance and activity tracking platform. We provide the tools and training, coaches bring the fun and energy, and, together, we can help kids go further than they ever thought possible. As kids set and crush their goals, they grow in self-confidence and are more motivated to move.

What is the urgency? 
Sedentary behavior is at an all-time high in the US and children are returning to school obese and unhealthy. Millions of kids lack opportunities to get active, whether in school or at home.

Marathon Kids is fighting to reverse the trend of inactivity with proven solutions that support the Whole Child, Whole School, Whole Community.

Together, we can provide structured programming to increase their physical activity level.