How to Troubleshoot Scanning App

ATTENTION:  Never delete your Marathon Kids Connect app. If you have scans waiting to be synced and delete the app any scans that did not sync will be lost and can not be retrieved. 

Error message: Runners don’t belong to this club. 

You are getting this message because:

  • You’ve selected the wrong club and attempted to scan Runner ID cards that do not belong to this club.  
  • Or you’ve selected the correct club but have at least one Runner ID card that does not belong to this club. 

*These scans will not sync and can not be retrieved. If you want to give the runners credit for their efforts, you can use the Add Miles feature following these steps.


Error: The message you see on the app contains a number in the 400s.

You are getting this message because an error occurred in the app and your scans didn’t sync. 

  • Log out of the app and then log back in. 
  • Click the "Log History" button to resubmit your scans. 
  • Be sure your device is connected to wifi or cell service when you resubmit the scans. 

Occasionally, you may need to turn your device off, then turn it back on. Then, you can resubmit scans from your log history.  


Error: Failed Sync

If you attempt to “Finish and Sync” without wifi or cell service, then you will receive a Failed Sync error message. These scans can be found in your Log History. 

Once your device has wifi or cellular data, you can resubmit these scans. 

*The best practice is to always finish and sync, even if you receive a failed message.


Best Practices for the Marathon Kids Scanning app: 

  1. Always check to see which club is selected after you log in and if you have the correct Runner ID cards prior to scanning. 
  2. Ensure your device is updated with the latest version of the Marathon Kids Connect app.


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