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Looking for quality physical activity programming for kids that is FREE, fun, and promotes social-emotional wellbeing? We've got you covered. Marathon Kids’ evidence-based program is efficient, effective, and easy to implement through Marathon Kids Connect. It is the perfect addition to any community organization, OST program, church, or camp.

Getting started with Marathon Kids is simple, as our youth running program is built to fit into six-week cycles. And, everything we do is backed by a dedicated customer service team focused on implementation success and technical assistance. We're ready to help get you up and running!

Note: The first person to create a free Marathon Kids Connect account for your organization needs to register as a COACH. This is very important. Do not register as an "Org Leader" or you will not be able to set up your program. Org Leaders can only view data, they cannot manage the account.

Why run with Marathon Kids?

We have fun! Marathon Kids love running because it's exciting. Running means speed and freedom, healthy competition, and accomplishment. Our youth program teaches kids the joy in running a distance (over time) that plenty of people think is impossible.

Marathon Kids Connect

Marathon Kids Connect is our free cloud-based run club management platform! Add as many runners to your community program as you like—there is never a charge. We want your kids to run the distance. Marathon Kids Connect offers runner recruitment, impact reports, a parent portal and a physical activity and distance tracking mobile app.

We're Here to Help

At Marathon Kids, our focus is squarely on you—the coach—and helping you develop skills to spark positive, long-lasting change. Anyone can become a Marathon Kids coach, as long as you are committed to your kids and community!

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