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A digital platform to make tracking and reporting on kids’ physical activity simple.

We provide the tools, so
you hit the ground running
Marathon Kids Connect is the two-piece tool that allows you to customize your program and track physical activity effort.
The real-time digital platform equips you to manage your program and monitor achievements, while the mobile scanning app is optional and used to scan runner ID Cards.

Marathon Kids platform is packed with great features.


Roster Upload

Upload your roster using our template, enroll kids with the recruitment tool, or manually enter participants.


Add Miles + Minutes

Any form of activity counts as distance, whether you're scanning ID Cards or manually entering effort.



Access to a library of lesson plans, videos, tips, and other material to help you and your runners succeed.



Impact reports make it easy to check on runners’ progress, share impact/leaderboards, and celebrate milestones.


Parent Portal

Parents can follow progress or log their child’s effort from home to promote active time off-campus.



Encourage your participants by purchasing rewards to celebrate accomplishments from our online store.


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how the tools work together

STEP 1. Personalize Your program

Our platform allows you to set goals and customize the type of physical activity effort you want to track for your program.

STEP 2. Capture minutes + Miles

Our mobile iOS and Android scanning app easily captures effort by reading unique participant QR codes that are auto-generated after adding runners. You can manually add effort, too.

STEP 3. view real-time DATA

Our cloud-based platform allows you to review captured effort to monitor progress of goals and celebrate milestones.

Flexible Implementation Options

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Before/After School

Implement before or after school or at your community-based organization

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Classroom or PE Class

Great for PE class, WOW time, or more active time during homeroom


Full School

Integrate throughout the school day, before/after school, recess, or virtually

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Virtual Program

Parents log miles from home, with weekly, virtual challenges set by you

To review the evidence-based programming, please visit our Research page.

If you have any questions about the platform, please visit our Help Center or email

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