Marathon Kids Connect

Marathon Kids programming is FREE and includes Marathon Kids Connect—Activity Tracking App & Reporting Platform


Marathon Kids Connect

The Marathon Kids program is now free and includes access to Marathon Kids Connect, our cloud-based platform. Marathon Kids Connect offers runner recruitment, impact reports, a parent portal, and a free mobile app for digital lap tracking. It’s now easier than ever for coaches, PE teachers, classroom teachers, students, and parents to track miles, access free resources, and celebrate students’ progress throughout the year.

Whether kids are running at school or meeting milestones at home during periods of remote learning, Marathon Kids Connect helps coaches and parents to work together to track kids’ physical activity and celebrate their achievements along the way.

At this time, Marathon Kids Connect is only available for schools and community organizations in the United States. Parents, please tell your teachers so they can sign up for free! 


Coaches and Teachers, save time and energy!

➡ Lap Tracking Made Easy – With the Marathon Kids Connect app, coaches, teachers, and volunteers can use phones or tablets to count laps—no WiFi required!

➡ QR Codes to the Rescue – Each runner has their very own ID card to scan as they complete each lap or predetermined physical activity.

➡ Reports at Your Fingertips – The app automatically uploads lap totals to your Marathon Kids Connect account, making it a snap to check on runners’ progress. Share leaderboards and celebrate milestones with principals, runners, parents, and the entire school!

➡ Free Resources for Teachers – Marathon Kids Connect offers free lesson plans for teachers, including running games and other free PE resources, making it easier than ever to help students meet physical education requirements, in the classroom, or on the track.

Parents can encourage physical activity at home!

Distance Learning Made Easy – Parents have a personal dashboard to access free resources for virtual learning that’s both easy and fun.

Virtual Run Clubs – Parents become co-coaches and keep kids running when they are off-campus. 

Stay Connected – Parents can message their child’s coach through the platform and submit miles logged at home for approval.

Runners go the distance!

Self-efficacy – Kids can see how they’re doing just by scanning their ID cards! The free digital mileage counter is easy to use and shows kids their progress at a glance.

➡ Making Remote Learning Fun – Remote learning may continue to be part of the schooling landscape, and Marathon Kids Connect helps kids get outside and get moving with Safe Distance Run Clubs and more!

➡ Celebrating Milestones – During periods of remote learning, kids can celebrate their progress and accomplishments from home!


At Marathon Kids, we are committed to student data privacy, information security, and the systems that safeguard student personal information provided to us by schools. View our Student Data Policy.