coach code of conduct

At Marathon Kids, we believe ALL children deserve the opportunity to play, participate, and move every day with quality physical activity programming. Through dedicated volunteer coaches implementing our free youth running program, we can reach every child, everywhere.

Coach Code of Conduct

☑️ I pledge to COMMIT to my runners by promoting an inclusive, positive environment that helps kids develop a growth mindset while having fun!
☑️ I pledge to CONNECT with my runners, parents, teachers, and community because I believe in the power of building relationships to help the whole child succeed.
☑️ I pledge to SUCCEED in helping my runners go the distance on and off the track with the same grit and endurance to achieve academic and personal success.
☑️ I pledge to use the tools, resources, and training provided to all coaches to effectively implement the six pillars of Marathon Kids: Goal Setting, Tracking Miles, Modeling the Way, Social Support, Celebrating, and Rewarding.
☑️ I pledge that I will protect the health, safety, and emotional well-being of ALL my runners.
☑️ I pledge that all volunteers who support my run club will have completed any required criminal background checks and that I will secure all necessary permissions from parents and/or school administration.
☑️ I pledge to participate in Marathon Kids surveys to provide feedback.

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