girls movement program

A new initiative establishing running clubs tailored exclusively for 4th through 8th grade girls as they navigate the crucial transition through middle school.

The Girls Movement is a new FREE program powered by Marathon Kids that is dedicated to empowering girls through running.


Marathon Kids is actively recruiting enthusiastic individuals to lead and mentor a female running club.

Qualifying schools may receive a grant-funded Coach Empowerment Kit which includes a coach stipend!

alarming statistics

Emerging statistics on the physical activity level of young girls paint a troubling picture, emphasizing why the Girls Movement Program is more important than ever.

85% (2)

Girls drop out of sports at twice the rate of boys by age 14.

85% (1)

85% of adolescent girls fail to meet the recommended 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA).

goals of the program

Building on the proven six evidence-based pillars of Marathon Kids, the Girls Movement program is aimed at achieving three key goals.

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Confidence Building

Provide a positive coaching approach fosters an environment that empowers participants to set and achieve personal running goals, promoting a sense of accomplishment and building lasting confidence in their abilities.

Character Development

Instill strong character values in every participant by emphasizing resilience, determination, and teamwork through targeted curriculum and positive environment.
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Cultivate Connection

Facilitate meaningful connections among participants, coaches, and the broader community, creating a supportive network that encourages shared experiences, friendships, and a sense of belonging.

Coach Empowerment Kit

Thanks to the Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation, we are excited to provide a grant-funded Coach Empowerment Kit to awarded schools that includes a Coach stipend.

With the Coach Empowerment Kit, we give you all the necessary tools to start your own running program to get girls moving and motivated.

What does the Coach Empowerment Kit include?

  • 1 - Mini Tablet
  • 100 - ID Holders
  • 1 - Device Cover
  • 100 - Incentives
  • $500 Coach Stipend

Eligibility Requirements for Receiving the Kit

As a new program, the Girls Movement is launching to schools that fit specific criteria at this time.

To apply for the Coach Empowerment Kit and to join the Girls Movement Program, you and your school must satisfy the below requirements to be considered for selection:

How many can participate?
Season Length
Data Reporting
Program Feedback
Impact Statement

The participating school must have a Free Reduced Lunch Status of 65% or higher.

Participating clubs must hold a female running club with girls within grades  4th through 8th.

Clubs must meet before school, after school, and/or during the school day (i.e. an all-girl PE class, recess, club, etc).

Classes or clubs must meet 30-60 minutes at least 1 time a week.

Each program can determine the number of participants allowed to participate. The Coach Empowerment Kit comes with 100 incentives.

A season's start and end date can be flexible, but must fulfill a minimum 8-week season.

Coaches must utilize the Girls Movement curriculum.

Coaches must record laps completed and/or minutes of heart-pumping activities using the Marathon Kids digital platform.

Participants will be asked to complete pre-season and post-season surveys.

Coaches must complete an End of Season Coach Survey to provide feedback, suggestions, and report on the impact of the program.

*If your school doesn't qualify for the Coach Empowerment Kit, you can still start a free Marathon Kids program and access our free curriculum and resources by creating or logging into your Marathon Kids account.

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