Coaches facilitate the program and are a champion for health in their community to inspire the next generation to take their first step toward a healthier future.

Empower and Motivate

Coaches are the heart and soul of Marathon Kids. Typically a PE teacher, classroom teacher, before/after-school program leader, community organization leader, or parent volunteer, a Marathon Kids coach facilitates the program and models the way for kids.

The purpose of our goal-driven program is to increase daily physical activity by challenging kids to run, jog, walk or move the equivalent of four (or more!) marathons over the course of a season.

As a coach, you'll empower your participants to reach their individual goals and promote a growth mindset. Goals are conquered by completing minutes of heart-pumping activity or finishing miles in achievable increments. We provide the tools, while you bring the fun, energy, and encouragement to motivate kids to go further than they ever thought possible.

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Track With Technology

Marathon Kids Connect is your go-to digital resource — a cloud-based platform that makes tracking and reporting on kids’ physical activity fun and simple.

Once you create your account, you can add your participant roster, customize program goals, and access the mobile scanning app to log miles and minutes! In addition, our coaches have access to a library of lesson plans, videos, tips, and resources to help you succeed.

Collect Data and Celebrate Milestones

Marathon Kids programming adds fun, community building, and friendly competition to your schedule. Setting goals, staying accountable, and moving together will encourage your participants to keep crushing miles. Being active is more enjoyable when you feel the positive support of others and friends to run/walk with you!

Coaches can utilize the platform’s reporting feature to keep participants updated, build a growth mindset, and grow community around physical activity. Our cloud-based platform allows you to review captured effort and impact reports make it easy to check on participants’ progress, share leaderboards, and celebrate milestones.

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additional training?

Marathon Kids Leadership Academy provides coach development, training, and support. Through in-person events and virtual training, Marathon Kids supports and educates coaches, teachers, volunteers, and community members. These events are led by experienced Marathon Kids staff and coaches.

If you have any questions about the platform, please visit our Help Center or email support@marathonkids.org.

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