How do I get the Marathon Kids Program at my Child’s School?

We recommend reaching out to your child's PE teacher, classroom teacher, PTA/PTO president, or principal. Tell them about Marathon Kids Connect and encourage them to create a free account as a coach and register your child’s class, grade, or even the entire student body!

Click here for an e-mail template you can use to encourage your child’s school to start their free Marathon Kids program.

How can I get my family moving?

We believe connecting with our kids is a critical part of parenting. It can be easier for kids to open up to their parents when they’re engaged in an activity together. We invite you to join our popular family program, Walk and Talk, or check out our list of free resources for a range of games and activities.

Walk and Talk

Walk a mile with your child and talk about a new topic each day. We provide a special log to track your mileage, along with 26 conversation starter cards—one for each mile.

Free Resources

For more fun ways to inspire physical activity at home, check out our library of free resources for families.

How to Access the Parent Portal on your Child’s Marathon Kids Account

Is your child already participating in a Marathon Kids program at their school? Watch the 'How-To' video or read the section below to learn how to access the parent portal.


When your child’s Marathon Kids coach invites you via email, click on the link to register for your account. This will give you access to the parent portal, where you can view your child’s progress and log active time from home. If you have not received an email invitation, please ask the coach to send another.


After creating your account, log in regularly to monitor and celebrate your child’s efforts and log miles earned off campus. Encourage them to keep running!


Join our >Marathon Kids Parents Facebook group to connect with a community of parents from around the country. And browse our free resources designed just for parents and families.


Check out the Marathon Kids eStore for ways to reward your child for their accomplishments. All sales benefit Marathon Kids so we can keep our youth running programming free!


If you have questions, please visit our FAQs page.

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