Building Social-Emotional Learning Skills through Physical Activity

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Core Competencies | Strategies to Embed SEL in PE | Build Community through Goal Setting | Use Data to Celebrate Team Success

With virtual, hybrid, and socially distanced in-person classes in the mix, educators have a lot to consider when it comes to lesson planning. To support, Marathon Kids is offering a free virtual training series on best practices for teaching safe distance physical education.

Educators are invited to attend our free virtual training webinars for ideas on how to modify their physical activity and PE curriculum to cater to a variety of learning environments. Learn best practices for connecting social-emotional learning (SEL) with physical activity.

Takeaways from watching the webinar:

  1. Learn how to incorporate social emotional learning (SEL) in physical education
    • Physical education from home through online PE lessons
    • Physical education in person
  2. Problem solving in physical education
  3. Social emotional learning activities
  4. Physical education social skills
  5. PE resources for students
  6. Student learning goals for physical education
  7. Social-emotional learning in gym

For additional information about social-emotional learning, please click here.

To watch more training videos, click here.

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