Using The Marathon Kids scanning App

Step 1: Download 

To use the Marathon Kids Connect scanning app, you will first need to visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and search for “Marathon Kids Connect”.


Step 2: Open and login

Once you have downloaded the app:

  • Open the Marathon Kids Connect app from your device
  • Enter your Username and Password you used to create this account online. *Supporters with Scanner permission or volunteers who want to help scan do not need to login. They do need to download the app and to scan they will join your ongoing session.  
  • Click Login

Step 3: Select Your Club 

  • Below the word Log out, click on Choose a Club
    • After logging in for the first time, you will see a club listed here. To select a different club, click on the name of the club to then scroll to find the new club.  
  • Select the club that is connected to your Runner ID cards by clicking on the name. 

*Note: Always confirm you’ve selected the correct club before you start to scan runner ID cards. If you scan cards that do not belong to the club, your sync will fail. Those scans will not be able to be retrieved.  

Step 4: Select your Track or Activity 

  • Click the blue RUN button next to the track or activity you want to scan for. 
  • You can scroll through the list to find additional tracks or activities. 

*Note: If you don’t want to see a track or activity in the Scanner app or one is missing, then please check your Default and Enable buttons found under the "Track and Activities" tab. 

    • The Enable button turned on the track or activity will show up in the Scanner app. 
    • You can only have one Default button turned on at a time. This makes this track or activity show up first in the Scanner App. 


Step 5: Start Live Scanning 

Click the blue Start Live Scanning button. 

Step 6: Scan Runner ID Cards 

Once you have started scanning, runner names, laps, and distance will start to populate. If a runner gets scanned by the same device for all laps during this session, the app will show the total distance accumulated. 

Step 7: Stop Live Scanning

When you are done scanning for your session:

  1. Click the red Stop Live Scanning button.
  2. Then select the blue Finish and Sync button. 

*Note: To use the Scanner app wifi is not needed. If you click "Finish and Sync" without wifi you will get a failed sync notification.  Click on your "Log History" button. Once your device has wifi or cellular data, resubmit your scans to sync to the web platform.


Step 8: Sync Completed

Once you have done this, you will then see Sync Completed. You have successfully scanned and added your laps to your account:

*Note: If your sync doesn’t upload or shows a failed message, then click "See Log History" on the bottom of your app’s page to resubmit your scans.  



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