Community impact

Marathon Kids is fighting to reverse the trend of inactivity with proven solutions that support the Whole Child, Whole School, Whole Community. Our supporters advance the change.

Partnerships Drive Our Impact

We work with our partners to find the ideal mix of engagements that meet your business and philanthropic goals. Our best relationships are multi-year and integrate several touchpoints.

In 2021, our partners and funders supported
137,000+ kids in 42 states.

We collaborate with our brand partners to build mutually beneficial campaigns that support the work we're both passionate about. These companies share our belief that every kid deserves a happy, healthy life. With their help, we’re able to fulfill our mission to get more kids active and moving.

Ultra Marathoners

*10+ years of service or more than $100,000 given

Kay Morris, Paul Carroza, Mayor Will Wynn, Don Hunter, Betsy Foster, Chris McClung


*5+ years of service or more than $26,000 given

Bill Kohl, Jack Towsley, Jeffrey Stukuls, Raoul Celerier, Marcy Greer, Robin Dvorak


*3+ years of service or more than $13,000 given

Tom Whiteside, Cami Hawkins, Sanya Richards-Ross, Connie Weaver, Desma Deitz, Stefanie Ediger

moving together

All kids are made to move.

However, sedentary behavior is at an all-time high in the US and children are returning to school obese and unhealthy. Millions of kids lack opportunities to get active, whether in school or at home.

Your support of Marathon Kids influences our fight to reverse the trend of inactivity.  By becoming our partner, you will drive the future of Marathon Kids, which will positively impact the Whole Child, Whole School, Whole Community.

See below for some of the ways to be a part of our mission.

Interested In Becoming a Partner?

Our goal in partnering is to provide brand elevation, employee engagement, and customer connection, whether it's on a local, regional or national scale.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

Your company can sponsor Marathon Kids and help sustain our program to empower the next generation!

Host a Fundraising

Whether at the local level or corporate, we can give you ideas to make your DIY fundraising campaign or event a success!

Make Marathon Kids Your Race Beneficiary

Do you host an annual race and would like to donate a portion of your proceeds? Marathon Kids is the perfect beneficiary!

Join the Marathon Kids Donor Program

Give a donation to keep our program 100% free for kids in underserved schools and communities to put them on the path to healthier lives.

We'd love to talk to you, please email
to find out how to be a part of the Marathon Kids mission.