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Free Resources for PE Teachers

Free Resourcesfor pe teachers Looking for ideas for PE class or in-classroom brain boosters? We’re here to help! You may use any of these resources at school, community organization, or virtual program! Marathon Kids programming is now FREE and includes access to Marathon Kids Connect, an award-winning physical activity and distance tracking mobile scanning app …

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Christmas Hanukkah Games

Five Holiday PE Games

Holiday PE Games No matter what traditions their individual families celebrate at home, most kids love the holiday season for the sense of warmth and excitement that permeates the air, and of course the approaching break from school. These holiday PE games are a great way to channel students’ excitement, and also any stress they …

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best outdoor pe games

Fun PE Running Games

Fun PE Running Games By MK Editor, May 23, 2021 Running is one of the simplest and most basic ways the human body is built to move—which is probably why it’s on almost every physical education teacher’s agenda, regardless of their students’ ages or grade levels. But just because running is fundamental doesn’t mean it …

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best outdoor pe games

Top Ten Twists on Tag!

“Tag — you’re it!” There’s a reason tag is a classic game for kids across the world: Everyone loves it! There’s just something about chasing and being chased that makes people of all ages giggle and shriek in mock-fear as they take turns pretending to be predator or prey. Best of all for run club …

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