Jan / 2020

Free Resources for PE Teachers

Marathon Kids programming is now FREE and includes access to Marathon Kids Connect, our Digital Lap Tracking App & Reporting Platform!

Free Activity Tracking App

In addition to free programming, we’re happy to offer a host of free resources to make this the best running season yet for you and your Marathon Kids!

Printable Resources

Marathon Kids Mileage Log (English and Spanish)
Mini Mileage Log
Activity Log
Running Games
Certificate of Accomplishment

Healthy Bodies

23 Warm-Up Activities for Kids
23 Cool-Down Activities for Kids
Cold Weather Running Tips
Hot Weather Running Tips


Healthy Eating Fuel Logs
Motivational Tips

Indoor and Outdoor Fun

Best Indoor PE Games
8 Great Outdoor PE Games for Kids
Best Indoor Recess Games

Twists on the Classics

6 Agility Games
PE Games for Small Groups
6 PE Games for Middle School Students
5 PE Running Games
Best Adapted and Inclusive PE Games
Top Ten Twists on Tag!
5 Team Building Games for Kids

Fun Holiday-Themed PE Activities

Five Spooky PE Games for Halloween!
Five Festive Holiday PE Games

The Importance of Physical Activity

Essential Connection Between PE and Academic Performance
Daily Physical Activity Can Alleviate Anxiety and Depression in Children