Oct / 2017

Kevin Hart – Running With Purpose


On November 5th actor and comedian Kevin Hart is lining up alongside thousands of others to run the TCS New York City Marathon. This is Hart’s first marathon and he is running with purpose – his goal is to encourage kids and adults to be active together.


As a father and avid runner, Hart knows the importance of getting kids active early in life. Hart has chosen Marathon Kids as his charity beneficiary with a gift of $50,000 to ensure more kids get moving.


Hart’s donation will provide thousands of children in low socioeconomic communities the access to preventative physical education programming that they need. Marathon Kids participants learn why physical activity is so important – and best of all they learn to love it – making it more likely they’ll stay active for life.


Join us in cheering Hart on as he runs for Marathon Kids and the millions of children who still need intervention. There are two simple ways you can get involved too!


You can make a difference by being active with your own family through Marathon Kids at Home program. Or you can step in to fund a child without the financial means to participate. Your $15 donation provides a year’s worth of programming, click here to make that generous gift.