How to Utilize Technology in Physical Education

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How to Utilize Technology in Physical Education


Do you know how Marathon Kids began? Marathon Kids was started in Austin, Texas as a running program for kids that utilized paper logs to motivate and boost physical activity.

When Kay Morris started Marathon Kids in 1995, she had goals of building community around physical activity and helping children establish healthy habits through running.

Simplistic in practice, Morris used paper mileage logs to track miles for children in pursuit of a marathon(s). She watched as students made their way towards the goals they set for themselves and motivated them towards the next. Morris’ running club participants found new friendships, a passion for running and confidence in what seemed out of reach. 

While Morris knew she had something good in her own community, she did not know just how far her reach extended at the time. 

States over, in Lake Wallenpaupack, Pennsylvania, Eloise Riesle became Marathon Kids’ first ambassador in 1995 after reading a clip about Morris in the newspaper. Riesle introduced Marathon Kids to her school. She became her school’s running coach, recorded miles and encouraged her students day after day to take steps towards reaching marathons

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“We used to color in the sheets inside the folder to keep track of student progress. It was definitely a lot more work than it is now,” Riesle shares as she no longer utilizes her old methods. 

Riesle has continued using Marathon Kids at Wallenpaupack Primary School alongside Coach Amy Baker. 

Now, we provide PE teachers (all across the country) with a digital platform and scanning app that allows coaches to track physical activity effort and measure the progress of goals. 

Riesle appreciates the assistance as Baker is tech-savvy, motivational, and experienced in running. She has offered their students the ease of using Marathon Kids, our digital platform, as it stands today. 

Riesle left, Baker right
Riesle left, Baker right

In Baker’s implementation of Marathon Kids, she provides students with their own lanyard with their ID cards inside. She organizes the lanyards by class and hangs them so they are ready each morning for the students to put on. For every five miles completed, participants receive a handprint on their tag signifying their achievement; and at year’s end, each receives a medal. Together, Riesle and Baker make a perfect pair for their school. 

“Our students loved to be able to see their laps. I loved how easy it was to keep track, after using popsicle sticks, gems, etc. for years. Thank you Marathon Kids!”, says Coach Amy Baker

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