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Drake Muyinza is revolutionizing the running industry. During the 2020 Austin Marathon, Muyinza broke the Guinness World Record for the longest fashion runway by running 26.2 miles and changing outfits every four miles. He demonstrated courage, determination, and reminded all of us how to find joy in running. His commitment and dedication to the sport and community have only grown since the marathon.

Breaking Boundaries

It’s never been easy for Drake Muyinza to run. Muyinza shared his inner dialogue as he runs. “As a black man, I’m afraid to run. I’m afraid of what they might think. Why is that black man running? I’m afraid of what they might see What is he running from? As a black man, I’m thinking too much.” 

For a long time, Muyinza feared that he did not belong to the running community because no one looked like him on the trail. He was anxious to run because he did not want someone to think he was running from a crime. This is why Muyinza began to find solace in the fashion industry. He began to dress up on his runs to make it clear that he was just running and not suspicious. 

With the recent light brought to the prejudices the black community faces, Muyinza decided it was time to stand up for the black kids. Muyinza is passionate about running because for him, “it’s therapeutic” and he wants all kids to be able to experience that release.  

Buy a Mile

Muyinza started a “Buy a Mile” campaign to bring awareness to the everyday fear and anxiety that comes with being a black man and going on a run. For every $10 donated, Muyinza ran 1 mile and donated all of the proceeds to Marathon Kids. He believes in the Marathon Kids’ mission to get all kids active, to welcome every kid no matter their background, and show them the joy of running. Muyinza truly is inspiring the next generation to get active, but also to show compassion, empathy, and kindness towards those that need it most. Muyinza’s goal is to reach $2,000 or 200 miles run for Marathon Kids. As of today, he has run a little over 100 miles and has raised $1,500 in support of Marathon Kids programming. The “Buy a Mile” campaign will run until the end of July, by which time Muyinza hopes to have met his fundraising goal and have run all 200 miles. 

How to Support Drake Muyinza 

You can support Drake Muyinza and his “Buy a Mile” campaign by donating through Hellofund. You can also follow him on Instagram.

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The annual Austin Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K is coming up on Sunday, February 18, 2018 in Downtown Austin, Texas. Register to run and join Team Marathon Kids, a group of enthusiastic runners working together to raise donations for Marathon Kids! In the coming weeks, we’ll be featuring members of Team Marathon Kids on our social media channels and hope you’ll follow along. To kick off our online celebration, we’d like to introduce you to team member Brian Hill.

Team Marathon Kids

Brian Hill, out for a run with his wife.

We asked Brian a few questions about why he wanted to join Team Marathon Kids.

Why did you decide to get involved with Marathon Kids and join Team Marathon Kids for the Austin Marathon?

I’ve been involved with Marathon Kids for the past 10 years as a teacher, campus principal, and district-level administrator in AISD. It’s such a great organization that truly gets kids active. As a principal, and now at the central office level, I love to see kids out on the track, running, laughing, and living healthier lives. Marathon Kids makes running fun for kids, so any way that I can help promote the organization I do. That is why I choose to rock the MK gear at races, promote it on social media, and why I chose to join Team Marathon Kids and raise money for the Austin Marathon.

Team Marathon Kids

Brian Hill and his wife running the Tejas Trails Mosaic 1/2 Marathon trail race.

What are you up to right now in your life? 

Working for the superintendent is awesome, but very busy. When I’m not working I try and hang out with my wife and 3-year-old son, Everett (aka The Dude), and I’ve been running as much as possible… mainly on trails.

Most recently I’ve raced the Mosaic 1/2 Marathon and the Circus 30k. On January 6th I will take on my first trail ultra at the Tejas Trails Bandera 50k trail race! It’s been fun having goal races to train for and sticking with a plan. After that I plan on running the Goodwater Trail Marathon on 1/27, the Austin 1/2 marathon on 2/18, the Tinajas 50k trail race on 3/3, the Austin Rattler 66k trail race on 4/1, the Pandora Trail Marathon on 5/5, and hopefully the Silver Rush 50 Mile trail race on 7/8 in Leadville, CO (my first mountain trail ultra!).  Ok, typing that out was scary… I better get back to training!

Team Marathon Kids

How did physical activity impact your life as a child? Were you in sports or what did you do for movement? How did this impact who you are today?

I’ve always loved playing sports and being active. As a kid I mainly played basketball, football, and ran track. In college, I walked on to the soccer team (I had never played soccer before, but it was a small DIII school, so people weren’t dying to play there!). After college I got into triathlons, which is where I found my love for cycling. I raced road bikes for a few years, but when Everett was born, I retired from cycling because of the time commitment. I became really out of shape and gained a lot of weight. When I became the principal at Pillow, I decided to get back into running and train for my first marathon, using Marathon Kids as a way to train and motivate my students to run, too.  I’ve been running ever since then.

Being active as a kid helped me see the benefits of being healthy and the fun that comes with being active. I think it’s so important to introduce kids to healthy choices and being active from an early age, and Marathon Kids helps do that!

Follow Brian Hill on Twitter (@BrianPaulHill) to see more of his journey!

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