Best 50 Holiday Dinner Recipes with Beef

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Best 50 Holiday Dinner Recipes with Beef

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We are proud to partner with Beef Loving Texans to provide nutrition resources for our participating programs and families. Continue reading for our top 5 holiday recipes brought to you by Beef Loving Texans!

It’s finally the holiday season, which provides many of opportunities to share a delicious meal with loved ones.

Looking for recipes to make the ultimate holiday dinner? From Easy Mexican Beef Cornbread Muffins to a show-stopping Smoked Prime Rib, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite dishes including holiday classics and Texan favorites. And of course, what’s more Texan than a Smoked Brisket at Christmas dinner?

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You can’t go wrong with cheesy mac and cheese topped with smoky brisket.


For many Texans,  tamales are a reminder of wonderful memories and family traditions during the holidays.


This recipe is two steaks in one.


Looking for a quick yet impressive steak recipe? We’ve got you covered.


Delicious flaky puff pastry filled with beef and cream cheese ready in just 30 minutes!