MommiNation and Marathon Kids Team Up for Fit Mommi (& Me!) New Year Challenge


MommiNation and Marathon Kids Team Up for Fit Mommi (& Me!) New Year Challenge

The 30-day fitness challenge will encourage moms and children to get active in 2022.
By MK Editor

Austin, TX — MommiNation and Marathon Kids announced today the continuation of their partnership on the MommiNation Fit Mommi Challenge, a 30-day fitness challenge for moms and kids which kicks off on February 1st, 2022. Registration can be found here

The goal of the New Year fitness challenge is to cultivate a healthy lifestyle in all aspects — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual — for moms and encourage them and their kids to be healthy and active in 2022. 

The challenge will include 3 weekly live workouts with certified fitness trainers and coaches, daily affirmations, weekly nutrition guidance, and community support led by MommiNation, a virtual platform for moms and women of color. 

For the kid-centered portion of the challenge, participating moms and children will take part in Marathon Kids’ Mommi & Me Saturdays. The program includes an activity each Saturday for mother and child to complete together. Designed to inspire moments of bonding and healthy movement, Mommi & Me Saturdays can help reestablish connection, confidence and a sense of balance that have all been challenged during a tough Covid year. 

“As we start 2022, it’s the perfect time for families to make a resolution together,” Marathon Kids CEO, Cami Hawkins, said. “2021 continued to throw challenges at many families, so in 2022 we want to see children having fun with both their families and in their communities! That's why we're proud to partner with MommiNation - not only to inspire moms to be fit but to also carve out this important time to get active and connect with their children."

Founded by Olympic champion Sanya Richards-Ross and corporate business woman Mykal Steen, MommiNation is a virtual community and resource for mothers and women of color. MommiNation provides thought-provoking content, real solutions, tangible resources, and connections that support mommies in every way and to catapult them into a higher level of individual and collective success. 

The motivation for the Fit Mommi challenge stemmed from the fact that on average, Black women in the US have a higher prevalence of many health conditions, including heart disease, stroke, cancers, diabetes, maternal morbidities, obesity, and stress. The challenge is designed to improve the overall health of Black women and inspire them to encourage their families to live healthy lifestyles. 

“We are so excited to connect and inspire mommies all around the country to prioritize their mental and physical health in our 30-day challenge. We are also delighted that Marathon Kids partnered with us again this year to help inspire and connect with our children. There is nothing quite like the community and support that is fostered during the Fit Mommi Challenge and it’s our hope that as we kick off a new year, our mommies will learn new methods and skills that become life changing habits; not just New Year’s resolutions,” Co-owners Sanya and Mykal said.

This will mark the fourth annual Fit Mommi challenge and the second time MommiNation is partnering with Marathon Kids. The partnership will enhance the Mommi & Me experience and encourage healthy activities for children and their parents…together. 

To register, please click here for more information.