Marathon Kids Webinar: Impact Statement

Click HERE to join Marathon Kids on Wednesday, April 15th for a webinar led by Program Administrator Aspen Webster.

We did what nonprofits rarely do and asked ourselves the difficult questions: Is Marathon Kids programming improving the health of children? Are we truly achieving our mission?

These questions led to an exhaustive, yearlong evaluation of our programmatic efforts as they relate to youth physical activity and moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA), carried out by the Marathon Kids Program Team and led by the National Director of Programs, Erica Gordon.

The Marathon Kids staff has extensive experience working with children and educational systems, leading to a first-hand understanding of the transformative effect that sports education and physical activity can have on longterm healthy behavior adoption. Ms. Gordon and her team spent a year compiling and analyzing an enormous body of research and data as it relates to physical activity and health outcomes, as well as consulting with world renowned researchers.

Now, our goal is to share the conclusions drawn from our work with those who work closely with children, including educators, parents, civic leaders, community-based organizations and interested parties in the communities we serve. Each member of the Marathon Kids team is an engaging speaker with an ability to translate complicated research terminology into tangible workable knowledge that can be easily digested, understood and, most importantly, put into action!

We look forward to sharing our work via our Impact Statement presentation and Q & A session. We very much hope you will join us for this informative and enjoyable discussion! Click the following link to register and participate!

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