Get Your Family Moving With Marathon Kids at Home – Now Half Price!

Lace up and get ready to go! It’s almost 2018 – have you thought about your resolutions for the new year? Start 2018 on the right (or left) foot by getting the whole family up and moving.

3 great reasons to get your family moving

1.       Here’s your chance to show your kids that the holidays aren’t only about gifts and cookies.

2.       By this stage of winter break, everyone in the family has exhausted all of the apps on the iPad and they’re looking for something new to do.

3.       For a limited time, Marathon Kids at Home is available for HALF PRICE!!

Marathon Kids at Home, now just $10

With the Marathon Kids at Home program, parents can take their family on a 104.8-mile journey without going too far from home. One-quarter mile at a time, you and your kids will set goals, track miles, and learn how to fuel their bodies. They’ll earn rewards and watch you choose healthy behaviors, and those lessons will stick with them for life. Run around your neighborhood, a track at school or a local park and watch your progress. Honestly, a couple hours a week is all it takes.

What is included in the Marathon Kids at Home kit?

Register your family with Marathon Kids at Home, and you’ll receive the resources you need to get your family running, including a step-by-step set-up guide, Mileage Logs, Nike incentives including a t-shirt, online support, and more. For a limited time, you will get all of these items for just $10 per person (including shipping!).

Marathon Kids at Home kit – now just $10 per participant (a $20 value)!

Register your family for Marathon Kids at Home

If you’re ready to sign up, follow these easy steps and save today:

1.       CLICK HERE and click the “Register” button.

2.       Create an account via Google, Facebook, or email.

3.       Name your family’s Marathon Kids at Home group (it defaults to your email and “running club” title).

4.       Fill in name, age and t-shirt size for each paying participant (only list family members who want to receive the Nike incentives, including t-shirt).

5.       Check terms and agreements.

6.       Fill in billing details.

7.       Click on “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code.”  Enter coupon code newyear18 (case sensitive) to save 50%!

8.       Click “apply coupon.”

9.       Place order.

That’s it! You’re ready to fly. This is a great opportunity to commit to get moving in the new year. Sign up today, and tell your friends!