Technology Packed With Features

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Technology Packed With Features

By Catherine Morris

Register your account with Marathon Kids for instant access to our free digital platform. Track your participants’ progress, report on active time, and celebrate milestones together with our free tool Marathon Kids Connect

With the Marathon Kids Connect digital platform and mobile scanning app you can measure students’ active time, track distances, celebrate milestones, and more. Once you have rostered your participants and recorded some physical activity effort, your dashboard overview will display quick, real-time data like total miles, participation level across all runners, weekly average active minutes per runner, and more. The platform allows you to customize your program with several features that work together. 

The Tracks and Activities feature lets you decide how you want to track physical activity (in miles or minutes). Setting your track's lap distance to match your space where participants complete laps, tells the platform what to credit each participant when you manually add effort or use the Marathon Kids Connect scanner app to scan Runner ID cards. Activities are based on minutes of heart-pumping movement your participants complete. Marathon Kids views 20 minutes of heart-pumping activity as 1 mile. As the coach you can decide if you will record effort based on laps and/or minutes of heart-pumping activity completed. 

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With the Marathon Kids Connect Scanner app, you will see your customized tracks and activities you set in your account. Coaches can capture their participants’ effort by scanning each student’s unique participant QR code using a smartphone or tablet. These codes are auto-generated when you have rostered your participants. You don’t even need Wi-Fi out on the track—the data syncs automatically when your device has wireless or cellular service. 


The Reports feature allows you to see participants’ effort - accumulatively, based on a track, and/or a date range. You can quickly and easily run reports at any time for administrators, to create leaderboards and chart milestones, or to celebrate the progress of an individual, class, or grade level.  Most of our reports have the ability to pull data by the filters you select. For example, if my school does a Turkey Trot the Friday before the holiday. I can record that effort with the Marathon Kids digital platform and then go pull a report by that day, that track, and those students who participated to see the data for that event. 

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By customizing your Tracks and Activities, you are ready to scan runner ID cards, add effort manually, pull reports in a variety of ways, and use the data to celebrate your participants’ success. The Marathon Kids digital platform is one great tool with several features that work together to save you time, provide data to support your program, and can help you grow community around physical activity. 

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