Shy Fourth Grader Transformed Through Marathon Kids

Three years ago, Gigi was a brand new member of the Pershing Panthers Run Club. She was a shy and timid first grader, always seeking approval from her teachers.

Now she’s a fourth grade standout amongst her 112 fellow run club members. Nominated by her coach and principal, Gigi is being celebrated for making the biggest transformation yet through Marathon Kids.

Marathon Kids

Setting Goals

Gigi’s on her way to becoming her best self and all she needed was a little encouragement from her Marathon Kids coach, Gert August.

In 2015, Coach August encouraged Gigi to accomplish some potentially scary new goals, including running her first 5k race. Gigi felt so accomplished and proud of herself at the finish line that she told her parents, “I can do anything now.”

At six years old, Gigi could beat the seven and eight-year-olds in a race, and she now runs a 5k in an impressive 22 minutes. Her love of running has also transferred to the soccer field, where she can be found sprinting from end to end.

Marathon Kids

Gaining Confidence

But Marathon Kids isn’t simply about running or running fast.

As her stamina and speed improved during each run club practice, Gigi was becoming a leader of the pack on and off the track. Her confidence improved with each mile, while her positive attitude and desire to help others also grew.

Gigi now spends her mornings in the school office with her best friend, helping out the staff with small projects. She has also become a role model for the younger kids, including her sister, sharing her incredible love of running while helping coach them during their laps.

Marathon Kids

Self-Disciplined, Motivated, and Strong

Gigi’s coach now describes her as “self-disciplined, motivated, and strong,” a major transformation in just three seasons.