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Marathon Kids Leadership Academy provides dynamic professional development and training for schools and organizations ready to build a culture of health in their community.

Our interactive training can be customized to fit each unique organizational setting and support continuing education requirements virtually or in-person.

Leadership Academy can take many forms: individual or group sessions, webinars, district in-service workshops, or full-day conferences.

There are three core topics:

  • Leadership Development
  • Asset-based Community Development and Transformation
  • Program Efficacy Through Evidence-based Strategies for Practical Application and Action

Some of our Training Modules include:

  • Program Implementation
  • Measuring and Increasing MVPA
  • Integrating Social-Emotional Learning and Physical Activity
  • Behavior Adoption Strategies to Increase Self Confidence
  • Building Community and Advocacy Around Physical Activity
  • Best Practices to Drive Success

Who should participate?

Classroom teachers, PE coaches, administrators, volunteers, and community-based employees and physical activity advocates who want to be champions for health in their community.

Leadership Academy is available nationwide.

To learn more, email