Since 1995, Marathon Kids has worked with schools, families, and communities to implement fun, simple, and effective running clubs. In 2015, Nike selected us as their global youth running partner because of our commitment to breaking the cycle of inactivity for children. Marathon Kids’ programming is:

✔️ Effective, even transformational, as proven by world-class research.

✔️ Bringing communities together through the love of running.

✔️ Jumpstarting healthy, long-lasting change.

An average kid can run or walk at least one mile every 20 minutes, and he or she can safely and effectively meet the goal of accumulating 104.8 miles, incrementally, over the course of a running club season. Our running clubs:

✔️ Offer flexibility for coaches to create their own timelines.

✔️ Allow participants to set their own goals.

✔️ Help kids reach 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day.

Goals help kids develop self-reliance and grit, and are key to long-term behavior adoption. They teach kids to think past the immediate future, and to strive for something greater than they ever thought possible. In our running clubs, kids set long-term and short-term goals, see their progress every step of the way, and earn rewards to celebrate their achievements.

Accurate tracking lets the coach know when to hand out rewards and inspires runners to go the distance. Your child will receive mileage logs to track their progress, and keep them motivated, throughout the season. And, new this year, coaches will have access to digital tracking with Marathon Kids Connect.

Research shows positive reinforcement around physical activity helps kids create lifelong healthy habits. Each participant should understand that the rewards are exclusively reserved for kids participating in an official Marathon Kids running club and are earned only when they reach their mileage goals. This teaches kids about the importance of goal setting and maintains the integrity of the program for all.

In addition to developing a lifelong love of physical activity, every kid gets an awesome experience that they’ll remember forever, plus four rewards—one for each marathon. New rewards are added every year and may vary from season to season.

Join Marathon Kids Parents! This group is an exclusive network for parents of Marathon Kids participants. When you register (for free!), you’ll learn about ways to advocate for your child’s health, support his or her running club and coach, and receive a number of fun benefits and access to Nike giveaways throughout the season. Most importantly, you’ll have made the commitment to support your Marathon Kid on their journey to complete four marathons! Join here.