Oct / 2016

October Update: Marathon Kids in North America


Marathon Kids and Nike, in partnership with Let’s Move! Active Schools, have provided over 91,800 students from 523 schools the opportunity to run with Marathon Kids this year.

After an unprecedented response during the grant application period (Aug. 15-Sept. 15), Marathon Kids and Let’s Move! Active Schools received grant requests totaling nearly $1.4 million to create Marathon Kids running clubs in schools across the country – Nike has generously contributed $750,000 to support these grants. K-12 schools from 43 states applied to start or continue Marathon Kids running clubs, with the goal of setting kids on a journey to run the equivalent of four marathons over the course of their season. To be eligible, the schools had to be enrolled in Let’s Move! Active Schools and complete a grant application. Grants were awarded based on the number of runners at each applying school, ranging from small clubs of 9 runners to entire school districts.

Marathon Kids and Nike are both part of Let’s Move! Active Schools national collaborative which strives to make 60 minutes of physical activity a day the norm in schools across the country.

Through this national partnership with Let’s Move! Active Schools, kids in states never before served by Marathon Kids have been able to join running clubs. These new runners now have the opportunity to become more active, goal-oriented, confident and successful through Marathon Kids. One Coach wrote, “I tell my kids, ‘If you can do this, if you can run a marathon, if you can keep going – even when you are tired – if you can run another marathon, and another, and make it just what you do, you run…well, then you can do anything!’ I tell them the hard part is deciding what you want to do, what you want to be. If you can do this, you have what it takes to do anything!”


We also launched a free new offering for the general public that will include valuable tips, tricks and information both for those who are already part of the Marathon Kids community and those who are not yet involved. The Marathon Kids Leadership Academy provides a chance to build your leadership skills by participating in free webinars or events, where you’ll get exclusive professional development and tailored training, gain valuable tools and expand your skill set.

With topics ranging from safe training in all weather conditions to planning your season, funding your club, and more – this is a great way to impress your leadership or your family, strengthen your skills and make your run club as successful as possible.

For upcoming Leadership Academy webinars or events, head to our events page.