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By Staff, Modern Wellness Guide

Only a fraction of children get the recommended 60 minutes of exercise per day. CEO Cami Hawkins talks why movement is so important for their emotional and physical well being.

Why is physical fitness so important for children?

Globally, physical inactivity has reached pandemic proportions. The first ten years of life are game-changing. These years provide a critical window for creating a lifelong commitment to physical activity. Research shows that kids need at least 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity per day. However, only one in five kids currently reaches that minimum. Physical inactivity and poor food choices cause all sorts of problems — like diabetes, problem behavior, low self-esteem, heart disease, mental health issues, liver disease and poor school performance.

What’s the best way to motivate a discouraged child? What’s the best way to motivate a child in general?

We base our program on six evidence-based pillars:  Goal setting, both short- and long-term; tracking,where kids track their progress ¼ mile at a time, social support, modeling the way, rewarding and celebrating. Whether a child is running, walking, or wheeling in their wheelchairs, that counts toward their goal; every physical activity is worth celebrating, and with a system of small milestones, kids stay focused and motivated.

What are some healthy tips people can integrate into their everyday lives?

It’s a straightforward formula: eat healthier foods and get moving. Any amount of activity is better than none, and anyone can find a way to get exercise at their own pace.

How can someone get involved?

At Marathon Kids, we welcome those who want to participate as coaches, parent supporters, donors, or advocates; as a community, we can change the future for this generation of kids.

 This article originally appeared in the Modern Wellness Guide as part of Mediaplanet’s Childhood Wellness campaign. The campaign was distributed through USA TODAY on December 27, 2017 and is published online

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Lace up and get ready to go! It’s almost 2018 – have you thought about your resolutions for the new year? Start 2018 on the right (or left) foot by getting the whole family up and moving.

3 great reasons to get your family moving

1.       Here’s your chance to show your kids that the holidays aren’t only about gifts and cookies.

2.       By this stage of winter break, everyone in the family has exhausted all of the apps on the iPad and they’re looking for something new to do.

3.       For a limited time, Marathon Kids at Home is available for HALF PRICE!!

Marathon Kids at Home, now just $10

With the Marathon Kids at Home program, parents can take their family on a 104.8-mile journey without going too far from home. One-quarter mile at a time, you and your kids will set goals, track miles, and learn how to fuel their bodies. They’ll earn rewards and watch you choose healthy behaviors, and those lessons will stick with them for life. Run around your neighborhood, a track at school or a local park and watch your progress. Honestly, a couple hours a week is all it takes.

What is included in the Marathon Kids at Home kit?

Register your family with Marathon Kids at Home, and you’ll receive the resources you need to get your family running, including a step-by-step set-up guide, Mileage Logs, Nike incentives including a t-shirt, online support, and more. For a limited time, you will get all of these items for just $10 per person (including shipping!).

Marathon Kids at Home kit – now just $10 per participant (a $20 value)!

Register your family for Marathon Kids at Home

If you’re ready to sign up, follow these easy steps and save today:

1.       CLICK HERE and click the “Register” button.

2.       Create an account via Google, Facebook, or email.

3.       Name your family’s Marathon Kids at Home group (it defaults to your email and “running club” title).

4.       Fill in name, age and t-shirt size for each paying participant (only list family members who want to receive the Nike incentives, including t-shirt).

5.       Check terms and agreements.

6.       Fill in billing details.

7.       Click on “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code.”  Enter coupon code newyear18 (case sensitive) to save 50%!

8.       Click “apply coupon.”

9.       Place order.

That’s it! You’re ready to fly. This is a great opportunity to commit to get moving in the new year. Sign up today, and tell your friends!

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                           Kristin Shaw, Director of Communications

December 19, 2017                                                         kristin@marathonkids.org





AUSTIN, Texas – Marathon Kids, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and happiness of children by engaging them in a positive, simple, goal-driven running and walking program, announced today the addition of two directors to the leadership team. Heidi Gollub and Kristin Shaw are the new Director of Marketing and Director of Communications, respectively.

In this role, Gollub will be responsible for leading Marathon Kids’ digital marketing program, including influencer marketing, social media, new media, and more. Shaw will lead the traditional marketing efforts, including public relations, speechwriting, and branding, among other duties.

“Heidi and Kristin bring a vast knowledge base and wealth of experience to the Marathon Kids team, and we’re thrilled for them to join us,” said CEO Cami Hawkins. “We look forward to their ideas and leadership to help move our organization toward the future and help promote our mission to get kids moving.”

Gollub founded FreeFuninAustin.com, an award-winning website that was named Best Local Blog by Austin Chronicle readers. As the site’s Editor-in-Chief, Heidi partnered with local news stations and the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau to deliver quality digital and news content. Building on her success creating a highly-engaged online community, which was recognized by the Austin American-Statesman with a Texas Social Media Award, she began promoting travel and tourism destinations as Social Media Director for MindEcology.

Kristin Shaw built her career experience in the telecommunications, tech, and aviation industries, working with companies like Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques (SITA), WorldCom, and Ricoh. She’s a writer, frequently featured at national publications like The Washington Post, the TODAY show site, and The Huffington Post. In 2010, she co-founded SAFE Austin’s Touch-a-Truck event, which attracted more than 5,000 attendees in 2017. For several years, Kristin volunteered for the American Lung Association as a counselor and board member for Camp Breathe Easy in Atlanta, and she is currently on the board of the Texas Auto Writers Association.


Marathon Kids helps kids unlock their potential and adults discover their inner coach by joining, starting or supporting a Marathon Kids running club in their home, school, out-of-school time organization or camp.

Kids in the program work at their own pace to run, or walk, the equivalent mileage of up to four marathons, and Marathon Kids provides the training, rewards, tools and resources to keep them moving. Marathon Kids works for any kid, at any fitness level. Kids set their goals and track their progress on a journey to complete four marathons, or 104.8 miles, over the course of the running club season. They run (or walk) a lap at a time, at a day at a time, and before they know it they’ve gone farther than they ever dreamed. Kids enrolled in the program have a network of dedicated adults showing them how it’s done, and most importantly, a motivated and inspiring coach supporting them every step of the way.

Corporate partners and supporters include Nike, HEB, the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, Active Schools, USATF Foundation, American Diabetes Association, Target, Tejas Trails, Athletes for Hope, LA Dodgers Foundation, and St. David’s Foundation.

More information is available at marathonkids.org.