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Our staff, Board of Directors, and Advisory Council keep our wheels turning each day, but we couldn’t get the job done without the help of our volunteers. Over 850 teachers and 300,000-plus parents (and maybe even you!) make an impact by giving their time to Marathon Kids.

The kids are more excited to run or walk when they have a goal in mind like Marathon kids. This promotes a healthier lifestyle!

Craig Sandy
Richardson Heights Elementary

Diets improved as well as overall fitness and stamina.

Frank Sanchez
Edgemere Elementary

I have seen more of a change in fruit and vegetable consumption. Students get fired up for the mileage challenge but seem as – if not more – proud to complete the fuel challenge.

Luke Hollis
Park Elementary

There is a decrease in asthma attacks, other medication-dependent symptoms to alleviate behavior,… and a growth in attendance and academic performances as well as collaborative social skills.

Paula Whitmore
Highlandtown Elementary

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Whole Foods
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
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